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Looking at Designer Nicholas Kirkwood


Submitted by: Angelica Spradley*

Hot UK-based footwear designer impresses audiences with his strikingly innovative Autumn/Winter ’08 collection.

Real footwear connoisseurs will also be thrilled to discover Nicolas Kirkwood’s latest collection. The 27-year-old British designer drew rave reviews from the fashion crowd when he hit the shoe scene two years ago. Kirkwood matches his signature stiletto with a uniquely architectured platform. The platform is almost aerodynamic in shape while serving functionally to make each step smoother.

While he seems to use the same lasts for his entire collection, the magic is all in the uppers. In  shoe-lingo, lasts are the wooden or plastic forms that serve as the base for a shoe to be built around, while uppers are the leather or textile part that holds the foot. Most designers try to use no more than three or four lasts in each collection.

Re-defining the classics is what Kirkwood focuses on for his Autumn/Winter ’08 collection. Whimsical feminine designs synch in harmony with traditionally masculine designs such as the oxford and derby. Kirkwood uses a simple colour palette as to not overshadow the complexity and detail of the shoes.

* Angelica is a shoe designer/model who recently completed her graduate studies in shoe design at Ars Sutoria in Milan.


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