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Iekeliene Stange Talkes to the NY Times


One of our favorite models was featured yesterday in the NY Times Sunday Pulse section. Here is the interview with the lovely model & Photographer, IEKELIENE STANGE.

WHAT I’M WEARING NOW Vintage everything. I’m a vintage queen. The vest is fake fur. I don’t like fur, so I think it’s funny to wear something so obviously fake. I collected all the pins. One says “I like garlic” in Norwegian.

STYLE CREDO like to dress like a different character every day, like Snow White or Heidi. This is my gypsy princess outfit. I think it’s fun. I can’t dress like this back home in Holland, though. There, they laugh at you if you’re wearing big sunglasses.

SPEAKING OF BIG GLASSES My boyfriend had a pair of big glasses with no lenses that he had worn to a costume party. I started wearing them and got really obsessed. It looks quirky, and you can hide behind them. Most models are trying to look sophisticated — it’s fun to just look like a nerd. But so many people are wearing big glasses that I started to feel a bit silly in them. I have a pair of little round ones from Paul Smith that I wear now.

FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP The flea markets in Berlin. They’re still so cheap. You can find a Yashica camera for seven euros. CURRENT OBSESSIONS Cat suits. I just ordered a harlequin one on the Internet. I wear them with waistcoats and necklaces and hats. And sequins. Half my wardrobe is all these crazy sequin dresses and leotards.

CURRENT PROJECT I’m working on having a photo exhibit in London this fall. I shoot backstage at fashion shows, and each season I use a different lens or camera. It gives it a different feel. I love photography. I was studying it in London when I was scouted. And I can’t be a model forever.


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