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Fashion Copious Has Moved | What's New & Where To Follow

FC Moved

This is the final post for Fashion Copious on this TypePad site; you can now find new and future articles on directly.

Please take a moment to update your RSS feed using the below link; simply copy/past it into your RSS reader of choice:

Few notes.

- We did not move 7 years of content to the new site; those will remain here if you're looking for historical record. The new site has a couple of months worth of content.

- We tried to design with simplicity in mind. I hope it all makes logical sense to you, and you like what you see.

- The main menu is split into Fashion, Models, & Culture, with sub-categories underneath each.

- The new site has bigger images and better presentation of them.

- The front page will auto-load articles, so simply keep scrolling down for more.

- Members can utilize the bookmark feature to save articles they like, or like to come back to.

- Each post has Tags, which you can click on to see all articles showing that brand/person/etc...

- The site should work flawlessly on mobile.

- We've made the headlines click open in a new tab of the browser. Let us know if you prefer to have it open in the same browser tab.

Again please take moment to update your RSS feed.

Meanwhile I'd love to hear your thoughts. And if you run into any issues at all don't hesitate to inform me right away. You can email me at or through the contact form on the site. And if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them too.

With love,
PS: If you haven't already, please follow us on Instagram @fashioncopiousofficial